Central suspension disk mower - SIPMA KD 3025 SPRINT

SIPMA KD 3025 SPRINT rear-hitched disc mower with central suspension guarantee perfect ground copying and equal cutting height across the entire width of the cutterbar.

Central suspension disk mower - SIPMA KD 3025 SPRINT

SIPMA KD 3025 SPRINT rear-hitched disc mower with central suspension guarantee perfect ground copying and equal cutting height across the entire width of the cutterbar.

SIPMA disc mowers are machines with modern design, solid frames and proven functionality. The are used to mow all kinds of green crops dedicated to direct feeding, for hay or for ensiling (haylage). The bottom drive design ensures the material is uniformly distributed at the entire width of the swathe, which contributes to a homogeneous drying of the mowed grass and allows direct harvesting with round balers (by eliminating tedding and raking).

  • Welded frame from closed and bent metal profiles is lightweight and guarantees high durability. It facilitates easy hitching of the disc mower to the three-point linkage of the tractor, with high comfort and efficiency of work.
  • Mower bar central suspension guarantee perfect terrain copying along with even pressure, which ensures an equal cutting height across the entire width of cutterbar.
  • Modern SIPMA mower cutterbar with quick knife replacement system in standard that allows shortening service time to minimum.
  • Mouldboards fitted behind the mower bar enable adjusting the forage width for the devices used in the further stages of harvesting.
  • SIPMA PTO shaft equipped with one-way friction clutch ensures smooth stopping of the machine rotating parts and protects the disc drives from damage.
  • Hydraulic collision protection system allow for tilting the mower bar backwards and lifting it up when running into an obstacle, which protects the machine components from damage.
  • Front and side openable covers facilitate servicing of the machine.
  • Disc mower design enables its transportation in three positions: vertically on the side of the tractor, vertically at the rear of the tractor, horizontally at the rear of the tractor.
  • Relief spring system with adjustment gear assures optimum pressure of the mowing bar on the ground.
  • Wide mowing range of cutting bar (from -12˚ to +24˚) enables work on wavy and mountain fields.
  • Hydraulic actuator allows lifting the disc mower to its transport position and when u-turning at the headland.
  • Mowing height adjustment system operated with the upper link of the tractor three point linkage helps setting the proper mowing height.
Model KD 3025 SPRINT
Mowing width m 3
Mowing height    
    minimum mm 45
    maximum mm 76
Number of discs pcs. 6
Number of cutting knives pcs. 12
PTO rotation speed rpm 540
Disc rotation speed rpm 2750
Maximum speed km/h ≤ 15
Work effciency ha/h ≤ 3,5
Power demand kW (HP) 60 (82)
    PTO shaft  
    length mm 4850
    width mm 1750
    height mm 1450
Weight kg 1000
- standard     - additional equpment    ✖ - unavailable

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