Bale shredders - SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK, SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK

SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK and SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK are designed for shredding, feeding or spreading of hay, straw and hay silage in stables or open areas.

Bale shredders - SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK, SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK
Bale shredders - SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK, SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK
Bale shredders - SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK, SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK

SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK and SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK are designed for shredding, feeding or spreading of hay, straw and hay silage in stables or open areas.

  • Multi-purpose design of the shredder allows feeding of the hay silage or spreading of straw in stables or open areas. The SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK bale shredder is designed to shred round bale, while the SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK shreds both round and square bales.
  • Machine control by three-sectional hydraulic distributor in SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK or by electronic controller in SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK allows for full control over the processing from the tractor driver’s seat.
  • Hydraulically controlled ejector channel allows for diverting the shredded material directly to the mangers and adjusting the ejection up to 14 m (when spreading straw). The SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK shredder allows control of the ejection channel direction in the range of 200°.
  • Knife drum shreds the fed material and feeds it to the discharge rotor shoulder blades, ensuring high discharge and efficiency of the machine. The SIPMA RB 1500 KRUK bale shredder is equipped with two shredding barrels.
  • Grate mounted above the knife drum ensures an even source of material on the knife drum, protects the machine against clogging and increases its value and reliability.
  • Mechanical, chain floor conveyor thanks to the hydraulic drive, it can operate with a variable, steplessly adjustable speed.
  • Back loading wall activated by a hydraulic acutator allows for easy and quick loading of the bale onto the machine.
  • Oil flow regulator in the hydraulic distributor allows for controlling the speed of the bottom-mounted conveyor, which slides the material on the shredding drum. This enables adapting the linear speed of the conveyor to the type of shredded material and ensures optimal use of the machine’s utilization capabilities.
  • Loading area monitoring system in the SIPMA RB 1200 KRUK shredder, allows the user to observe the full loading process of the bale. Components, such as a camera with a wide-angle lens located at the rear of the working chamber and large, readable display significantly increase the safety and comfort of machine operation.
Model   RB 1200 KRUK RB 1500 KRUK
Maximum straw spreading range m 14 15
Maximum fodder feeding height mm 1200 2500
Maximum width of shredded bales mm 1200 1500
Maximum diameter of shredded bales mm 1500 1800
Expected bale shredding time min 3 2
Number of simultaneously shredded bales pcs. 1 2
Load box length mm 1350 2350
Load box width mm 1300 1600
PTO rotation speed rpm 540 540
Power demand kW (HP) 40 (55) 60 (80)
    PTO shaft  
    length mm 3400 4960
    width mm 2000 2380
    height mm 1850 2800
Weight kg 1200 2100
- standard     - additional equipment    ✖ - unavailable

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