SIPMA Open Days 2021 are behind us

added: 2021-06-17 06:58:28

In the last days SIPMA Open Days 2021 took place. Similarly to last year, they were held in a virtual form. In the first stage, we presented a movie in which we presented our products and new products that have appeared in the SIPMA offer in recent months (the movie can be found on our YouTube channel - soon with English subitiles). In the second stage, which were e-Tips, our experts answered service and construction questions as well as questions regarding the current offer.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our virtual SIPMA Open Days 2021 for the great participation and the time spent together. We appreciate your valuable comments, suggestions and questions asked during phone calls and video calls. It was another experience for us that builds our brand, and each form of meetings with our clients shows us how much we can learn together and how we can meet your expectations. We hope that next year, during the SIPMA Open Days 2022, we will meet you in a traditional form and we will be able to present our new products. We are looking forward to it!

SIPMA - Modern agriculture machines

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