SIPMA 2022 Open Days are behind us

added: 2022-06-06 11:03:45

On Sunday, June 5, Open Days SIPMA 2022 took place at the local School Complex Of Agricultural Education Center in Jabłoń, Poland.

During the Sunday event, we presented offer of SIPMA machines, which could be seen both on the exhibition square and in action during field demonstrations. We presented SIPMA PT 675 SALSA tedder, SIPMA ZK 455 WIR rake, SIPMA PS 1225 FORTIS round baler and SIPMA OS 7650 GAJA bale wrapper. Our guests had the opportunity to see our offer and obtain detailed information about SIPMA products. For all our visitors was waiting a grill, and for the youngest there was an inflatable slide.

We would like to thank all our guests for visit! See you at the SIPMA 2023 Open Days!

SIPMA - Modern agriculture machines

ul. Budowlana 26
20-469 Lublin, Polska
tel. (+48) 81 44 14 400

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