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What distinguishes us

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The mission of SIPMA S.A.

To reach excellence in everything we do
with creativity and professionalism at work,
preserving our basic values,
caring for our customers and employees alike
and facilitating personal development.

President of the Board of Management

Leszek Kępa


Management organisation:

Its leader position among agriculture equipment manufacturers in Poland, SIPMA S.A. owes to a successful fusion of tradition, experience and applying modern management methods. Our present achievements are influenced by over 175 years of agriculture machinery industry in Lublin.

Thanks to accumulated intellectual assets, financial and real capital SIPMA S.A. has built a stable foundation for dynamical development backed by high organisational and technological culture of the company.

SIPMA S.A. has implemented the approved strategy by using a contemporary tool of strategic management, which is the Balanced Scorecard. The realization of such a defined strategy should allow the company for a further development and effective competition on the market in the long time.

Tradition and experience:

Every SIPMA S.A. employee works for mutual aims with his/her engagement and reliability. Thanks to a creative approach of the specialists having the highest qualifications the company can meet competition in the global market. A glut of the modern working tools, enterprise computing and perfect work organization in the company is a guarantee to meet the aims appointed in the Mission of the company, which besides Credo, Vision and Strategy is the base of its activity. Applying modern processing solutions in the form of ERP II class integrated managing system and 3D Solid Edge mechanical design software allow us to provide machines with the best quality.

Our machines are working on every continent:

SIPMA is now a brand recognized almost all over the world as a solid partner even for the most demanding. The quality of our products has been appreciated in the markets of many countries:

  • Europe - in Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Estonia,  Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Greece,
  • in the United States of America,
  • Africa - in Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan and Egypt,
  • Asia - in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and China,
  • in Australia and New Zealand.

We look into the future:

SIPMA S.A. is a reliable company, directed in the continuous development, creating chances of personal success for its employees and taking care of its customers’ satisfaction. Elaborated profile of SIPMA brand as well as the appreciation of the customers and the regional society mobilize us to make even more efforts in order to work better.