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SIPMA S.A. provides services on the industrial scale in the field of welding and pressure welding of carbon steel. We can also produce sub-assemblies and complete machines according to the contractor’s design documentation. In case of orders for goods  with more welded components for which it is desirable to automate welding processes, we have a number of automated welding stations based on CLOOS’ Romat welding robots. These stations allow for welding the constructions located in the robot’s workspace of 4000 mm diameter and 2600 mm height. They guarantee a fully automated welding process while maintaining high performance, full repeatability of all parameters and they provide high quality welds. For welding stress welds we use welding positioners and robotic welding stations  with rotation axis.

As a supplement to bonding processes, we perform resistance welding of metal sheets up to 6 mm thick on ASPA’s pressure welding machines.

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