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Thermal treatment


 SIPMA S.A. offers a wide range of industrial services of iron alloys thermal and thermochemical treatment. We have vast experience and high-tech machinery, which enables volumetric heat treatment of hardening and tempering, annealing, carburizing and cyaniding. The modern line to the volumetric heat treatment consists of the AFS-5 furnace for thermochemical treatment, a spray washer, two furnaces for high tempering, a furnace for low tempering and an endothermic atmosphere generator running in automatic mode. This line allows for processing of elements with 610 x 610 x 910 mm maximum dimensions range and weight up to 410 kg. All relevant process parameters are controlled and archived by a PROTHERM 9800th computer system.

We also offer the possibility of shafts, sleeves, hubs, gears (and other spatial surfaces of any shape) high-frequency surface hardening. GHE’s numerically controlled high-frequency hardening machine allows for hardening details up to 2200 mm long and 400 mm in diameter. The whole hardening and tempering process is controlled on the site in metallographic laboratory, so as to reveal actual workpiece materials composition, thus enabling surfaces’ micro- and macro-observation. This allows for a direct supervision over the quality of thermal treatment, increasing the reliability of our services.

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