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SIPMA net wrap

SIPMA 2000 m and SIPMA 3000 m Net Wraps are manufactured to the highest standards of quality confirmed by certificates, to give the customer product, which is efficient and reliable in all conditions, and for all types of crops.

Guaranteed length. SIPMA 3000 m Net Wrap Has
a guaranteed minimum length of 3000m on a roll, which means sufficient net wrap to complete 50% more bales than the 2000 m rolls. This significantly reduces break times in round baler operation and increases productivity – giving much lower cost per bale than in case of „standard”, 2000 m Net Wrap.

We protect your crops. Net wrap is the essential part of the high quality animal feed (or bedding for cattle) production. To ensure the highest quality silage, it is important that air is not present in a bale during wrapping, which means that you need SIPMA Net Wrap. It can cover the entire width of a bale without leaving uncovered surface.

A warning stripe about the end of a roll. SIPMA 2000 m and 3000m Net Wraps are equipped with a highly visible red warning stripe, indicating the end of a roll, which is a signal to the operator that, in order to continue his work, he will soon have to change to a new roll.