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Montarz pras zwijających

SIPMA S.A. together with the entities of the SIPMA Group alongside its core business profile, which is the agricultural machinery production, offers also:

  1. manufacturing of gears and gearboxes (ZHS Ltd. Łódź)
  2. production of special tooling and injection moulds
  3. plastic processing
  4. wide range of cooperative production:
  • laser cutting – metal sheets, pipes, sections, shapes
  • metal sheet machining (cutting, bending, die shearing, press forming)
  • machining
  • weldng and pressure welding 
  • painting and surface preparation (electrophoretic priming, spray and powder  painting, shot peening)
  • thermal and thermochemical treatment.

By choosing us you can count on:

  • a high quality, guaranteed by modern technology, years of experience and implemented ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • a quick response to inquiries and short contract periods
  • satisfactory prices

If you are interested in our services please contact.