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Plastics processing


 SIPMA offers services of plastics processing, in particular: fabrication of components by blow-molding and high-pressure injection molding. In the current production, we can apply materials belonging to the following groups: PP, PE, PA, POM, ABS. Orders for the production of plastic components are carried out by using molds entrusted by the contractor  or  the whole process can be executed and supervised  in our internal tool-room.

In the manufacturing process we use polish Ponar Żywiec injection molding machines, possessing an injection displacement volume of 402 cm³, with a maximum injection weight up to 362 g. Injction molding machines have 710x710 mm platens where molds of 150 to 500 mm height can be fastened with a maximum mold closing force of 1750 kN.

Thin-wall components are made on GDK’s type GM 5001 blow molding machine, enabling to obtain products with maximum dimensions of 200x280x380 mm with mold closing force of 96 kN. This device enables the use of molds with dimensions of 300x400x240 mm.

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