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Plastic working


 Aiming for a comprehensive service to our customers we offer services in stamping, punching, bending as well as other operations of plastic processing carried out on cold and hot. We have a number of crank, eccentrict and hydraulic presses, with pressure from 250 to 6300 kN with maximum dimensions of the work table up to 1800 x 2100 mm. Richly equipped department of regeneration and special tooling production allows production or adaptation of special tooling (stamping dies, punching dies, benders) to individual customer needs.

In the metal sheet forming service, we offer bending on specialized CNC press brakes with pressure from 1750 to 3200 kN to ensure high accuracy and repeatability of the produced parts. As one of few companies we can boast of a system of press brakes working in TANDEM configuration. Maximum length of bending line for any detail on this system is 6000 mm. The accuracy of bending is supervised by Easy-Form-Laser system, which provides laser measurement of the angle throughout the bending process. The use of Cadman-B software enables a virtual analysis of the entire bending process, including selection of appropriate tools for a set of design requirements.

Complemented of the metal forming process is the ability to cut metal sheets on numerically controlled guillotine shear, which allows for cutting sheets with a thickness up to 16 mm and width up to 3000 mm, and the possibility of folding on numerically controlled ROUNDO winder, which allows for processing of metal sheets up to 6 mm thick ant 1500 wide, with minimal rolling radius r=90 mm.

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