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 SIPMA S.A. provides services of comprehensive surface preparation on the industrial scale. Our offer includes electrophoretic surface priming in black and spray painting. We can also prepare the surface for further processing by blast cleaning.

The anaphoretic priming method used in SIPMA S.A. allows for high efficiency of the process while maintaining a uniform thickness depending on the time of priming and, by the immersion priming method used, for large gap penetration, as well as to secure the inside surfaces of closed profiles (with the proper design of inlets and vent holes).

Proper preparation is required to achieve good paint adhesion to the substrate, especially in case of mechanical impurities (scale, rust). One of the surface cleaning methods used in SIPMA S.A. is surface blast cleaning in an automatic shot-blasting chamber. The additional advantage of such a treatment is to obtain more esthetic surface, by removing scratches and erosive-abrasive treatment of welds and edges.

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