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Manure spreader


The SIPMA RO 1200 TORNADO manure spreader is designed for spreading manure, peat and compost.

Two-drum vertical worm adapter with cutting blades ensures fine break-up, as well as long range spread and its uniformity.

Additional fitting (optional) which replaces the worm adapter allows spreading lime and chicken droppings.

Hydraulically-actuated flap closes the load platform and prevents the material from falling during transport.

Tandem suspension undercarriage provides high comfort of operation.

Dual hydraulic floor conveyor provides step-less, variable adjustment of the amounts of spread material.

Manure spreader SIPMA RO 1200 TORNADO
Loading platform with the capacity of 12 m³ ensures high efficiency and can additionally be used as high-volume trailer for transport of agricultural commodities.
Model  RO 1200 TORNADO
Nominal load t 12
Capacity   m3 12
Spreading width m 10
Dose of spread material kg/s 5 - 60
Number of spreading drums pcs. 2
Size of wheels
400 / 70 R 22.5
Maximum speed km/h 25
Power demand kW (HP) 80 (108)
   PTO shaft  
   wide angle PTO shaft  
brake system 1-wire  
brake system 2-wires  
hydraulic rear flap  
hydraulic control of floor  transporter  
lamps (electric installation)  
ladder and side wall steps  
adapter for lime and chicken manure  
wheels 500 / 45 R 22,5 (wide tyres)  
   length mm 7100
   width mm  2300
   height mm  3100
   height of capacity mm 2720
Weight kg  4850

  - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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