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Laser tube cutting


 SIPMA S.A. offers laser metal sheets and profiles cutting on the industrial scale. We have country-level unique 3D laser cutter, which allows for machining a wide range of profile shapes of round, square, rectangular, angles and channel sections, T-bars and I-bars. 3D laser cutter – FabriGear 300 equipped with 4 kW resonator – allows for processing a constructional steel up to 22 mm thick. The automatic loading system allows for cutting shapes and tubes of commercial length from 3 to 12 m with the maximum workpiece length of 6 m.

The use of laser technology for 3D machining of tubes, sections and closed sections creates wide possibilities for the development of steel structures and machine elements, by using all kinds of locks, shape and spatial connections, significantly reducing time and cost of treatment. The main advantage of this technology is virtually complete elimination of machining, and as a result: elimination of the cost related with the use of cutting tools, elimination of changeovers time and the need to carry details between machining centers. The FabriGear 300 cutter is equipped with a 6-socket threading head, which allows simultaneous performance of threaded holes M5 ÷ M12 in the laser machined details.

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