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Fairs and exhibitions

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Fairs and exhibitions are one of the basic elements of sales promotion and play the key role in the presentation of the machinery and equipment manufactured by SIPMA S.A. For us, a very important aspect of these events is a possibility of direct communication and development of bonds with an end user.

SIPMA S.A. takes part in all the most important exhibition events in Poland by either organizing its own company stand or in cooperation with a regional dealer.

A very important form of presentation of our offer is display of machines at work on the field. Every year SIPMA S.A. organizes in cooperation with its dealers a series of displays which comprise the whole country. During the displays the farmers can get acquainted with our newest products, they have opportunity to contact and exchange their experience with designers, salesmen and servicemen.

We invite you to attend displays of our products organized all over the Poland. All the details are available in our dealers’ sales points.