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Cube balers


The SIPMA PK 4000 KOSTKA cube balers are excellent straw collecting machines, also effective in collection of hay. The optimum design, excellent operating parameters, as well as high durability and reliability are the reasons why SIPMA S.A. has been manufacturing these machines for more than 30 years, continiously improving them. Almost 100,000 machines were sold to farmers so far.

The pressing chamber design allows adjusting the pressure force (up to 180 kg/m³), setting the cube length from 0.3 to 1.3 m and adjusting the plane of the ejected cube.

The balanced crank and piston system improves the working conditions for the operator by eliminating the harmful effect of vibrations affecting the tractor.

The hydraulic harvester lifting system increases the safety and comfort of operation.

The double binding device used in a machine quickly and accurately binds bales formed by the square baler.

The safeties installed ensure long-lasting and safe operation. The one-way friction clutch at the flywheel (900 Nm) protects the drive shaft. Behind the flywheel is the main automatic clutch, which protects the whole machine (with six disc springs). The shear bolts protect the needles and binding apparatuses. In addition, the reel and harvester are equipped with overload clutches.

Sqaure baler SIPMA PK 4000 KOSTKA

The electrical system enables driving the machine on public roads – without additional costs.

The bale slide (additional equipment) ensures transport of bales directly to trailers towed behind the baler, thus significantly reducing the labour consumption and increasing harvest effectiveness. Moreover, use of the slide increases the pressure grade.

Knotter for wire binding (additional equipment) is mounted pursuant to a special order.

Wire container, in the knotter for wire binding edition, allows for smooth supply of wire to the binding apparatus.

Electronic meter (additional equipment) allows to control the number of made bales.

Model  PK 4000 KOSTKA PK 4010 KOSTKA
Harvester width mm 1780 1780
Width of the baling compartment mm 460 460
Height of the baling compartment mm 400 400
Bale length - smooth adjustment mm 300 - 1300 300 - 1300
Pressure grade kg/m3 ≤ 180 ≤ 180
Pick-up lifting   mechanical hydraulic
Drawbar setting   mechanical mechanical
PTO rotations rpm 540 540
Power demand kW (HP)  28.5 (38) 28.5 (38)
Recommended parameters of binding twine  
   nominal linear mass of sisal twine tex
 4500 - 6700 4500 - 6700
   nominal linear mass of propylene twine m/kg 300 - 400 300 - 400
   PTO shaft  
   bale chute  
wire binding knotter  
electronic meter  
   length mm 4900 4900
   width mm 2500 2500
   height mm 1600 1600
Weight kg 1555 1560

 - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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Cube baler SIPMA PK 4000 KOSTKA