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Cooperating companies


Achieving a high level of development by SIPMA S.A. would not be possible without good and stable relationships with reliable outside companies.

SIPMA S.A. far before the visible market tendency emerged, trying to concentrate on developing key contributors for properly running company (core business), started looking for business partners able to provide effective service of auxiliary processes. Realising quality and financial advantages arising from giving particular tasks to outside companies, SIPMA S.A. continues to build an organisational model with outsourcing. In the so far cooperation with SIPMA S.A. the following companies distinguish in high competence and professional preparation:


LUBGIP Sp. z o.o.
ul. Budowlana 26
20-469 Lublin

Consulting company specialised in supplying complex and professional computer services, trainings’ organisation and advisory services in building the visual awareness of the brand. The company renders also services in outsourcing model.


BENSIP Sp. z o.o.
ul. Budowlana 26
20-469 Lublin

The company rendering catering services, experienced in arranging canteens, banquets, picnics and other occasional meetings, providing with protective working clothing, other means of safety and hygiene of work and offering clean up services.