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Bale wrappers machine SIPMA OZ 7500 TEKLA


Stationary bale wrappers machines SIPMA OZ 7500 TEKLA, are offered to small and medium size farms. They are installed on the three-point linkage of the tractor. The model SIPMA OZ 7500 TEKLA is equipped with a universal film dispenser adapted to 0.5 and 0.75 m wide films. The hydraulic lifting system of the tractor allows automatic bale unloading.

The construction suspended on the tractor three-point linkage enables bale wrapping at the storage areas with the use of a loader (i.e. the SIPMA LC 1500 HERKULES front loader with the bale grip).

Specially designed rollers ensure proper bale wrapping, so that even shapeless bales rotate properly.

Durable, maintenance-free bearings ensures long and fail-safe work.

Bale elevator (additional equipment) allows putting bales on their bottom (on the right or left side of the bale wrapper)

Foil cutter enables cutting foil as a result of resolution of the table after unloading bales and ensures long and unfailing work.

The tilt table allows discharging wrapped bales, protecting them from mechanical damage at the same time. After unlocking the latch, the tilt table is lifted by tractor’s hydraulic lifting system and the bale rolls back.

Bale wrapping machines SIPMA OZ 7500 TEKLA

A solid frame made from bent and welded sections, makes the whole design stable and resistant to overloads.

The universal film dispenser used in the SIPMA S.A. wrappers allows using 0.5 and 0.75 m wide films. The 0.75 m wide bale wrapping film requires only 16 revolutions of the wrapping table and greatly reduces the wrapping time.

The aluminium milled film dispenser rollers ensure pre-stressing of the film and proper adhesion during the wrapping process.

The bale counter indicates the current number of film layers and informs about the end of wrapping process.

A wrapping method of the loaded bale is that successive film layers overleap each other by 50%. It ensures that the green fodder will be properly stored and efficiently ensiled.

Model  OZ 7500 TEKLA
Bale dimensions

   bale diameter mm 1300
   bale width mm ≤ 1250
Maximum bale weight kg 1000
Foil width  mm 500 / 750
Bale wrapping time sec. ~ 120
Minimum number of wrapping
two times
Power demand kW (HP) 28.5 (38)
   bale elevator
length mm 2600
width mm 1200
height mm 1200
Weight kg 480

 - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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