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Bale wrappers machine


Self-loading bale wrapping machine SIPMA OS 7530 MAJA is an economical version of the previous designs of MAJA series bale wrapping machines, which is mechanically controlled with a joystick.

Technological system ‘front-back’ allows for work in the same direction as the direction of the press work (along a field), ensures fast loading of bales, wrapping with foil during the drive until the next bale, high efficiency and coupling the bale wrappers machine with the round baler, ensuring simultaneous rolling and wrapping bale during one way.

Adjustable shaft in the positions in work and transport effectively allows for collecting bales and transporting the machine over access roads including public ones to the field.

Counting the number of wrapped bales shows the number of foil wrapping and informs about finish of the bale wrapping process.

Aluminum, milled film dispenser rollers provide the initial film stretching and appropriate adhesion during the wrapping process.

Hydraulic film catcher-cutter works automatically after each bale wrapping process, provides a considerable acceleration of the wrapping process and its efficiency.

Bale wrappers machine SIPMA OS 7530 MAJA


The joystick enables to control the wrapping machine from the cabin of the tractor.

Bale elevator allows for putting bales on their bottom or rolling them on their side surface into the field and protects the wrapped bale from possible damage during unloading.

Wide tyres provide the opportunity to work on wetlands and peat fields.

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Model  OS 7530 MAJA
Bale dimensions

bale diameter mm 1200 - 1500
bale width mm ≤ 1250
Maximum bale weight kg 1000
Film width   500 / 750
Wrapper drive   hydraulic
Bale wrapping time sec. ˜ 100
Oil demand l/min. ≥ 20
Power demand kW (HP) ≥ 35 (48)
bale elevator
universal foil feeders (500 / 750)
foil rolls feeders  
electrical system permitting driver on public roads  
hydraulic foil catcher-cutter  
joystick control  
wide tyres 400 x 60  - 15.5  
Dimensions in operating position    
length mm 5760
width mm 3160
height mm 2210
Dimensions in transport position    
length mm 5820
width mm 2350
height mm 2430
Weight kg 1360

 - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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