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Bale wrappers machine


Serial bale wrappers machine (for non-stop wrapping) SIPMA OG 9750 LENA is designed for wrapping round and prismatic bales. Bales of semi-dry hay (with humidity of 60%) are wrapped in special, stretchable adhesive film, then they form several dozen meters-long film sleeve filled up with compressed bales of partly dried green forage, which is then ensilaged to form haylage.

Owing to the linear arrangement of bales, eliminated is the need to wrap their contact surface, so the film-saving reaches 50% compared to conventional wrapping. Bales are wrapped on the spot, so there is no risk of damage related to the transport to the field for storage.

Self-propelled machine - Through the use of the combustion engine with integrated hydraulic pump, the serial wrapper gained full autonomy and independence from the cooperating tractor.

Hydraulic system - The electro-hydraulic block operates all working items of the machine, thereby providing consistent and optimum machine functions. Continuous circulation of the oil in the hydraulic system gives you the ability to automatically activate the features of the machine without having to engage the operator. 

Electronic control is responsible for adjustment and monitoring of the proper course of wrapping cycle and unloading bales. It allows you to operate all the working elements of the wrapper, as well as checks if the mechanisms operate correctly.

Functions of an electronic control:

  • activates and performs the automatic operation cycle of the machine,
  • defines the number of film-wraps around the bale,
  • visualises the currently executed operation,
  • monitors and displays the status of sensors,
  • operates all the working elements of the wrapper,
  • indicates the length of the wrapped sleeve,
  • monitors the course of film feeding,
  • the wrapper can autonomously move over short distances.
Serial bale wrappers machine SIPMA OG 9750 LENA


The automatic wrapping process is monitored by the on-board computer. It enables one-man operation of the machine and the operator is focused only on putting bales on the wrapper.

Universal feeding table is adapted to load both round and prismatic bales, so that the user has complete freedom to expand their machine park.

Drive wheels with traction tires enable autonomous movement of the wrapper over short distances and, in cooperation with the hydraulic system, provide adequate compression of bales during the wrapping process.

Tool-free adjustment allows you to set up the wrapper quickly and easily, by adjusting it to work with bales of different shapes and lengths.

Installing and replacing the film takes place from the ground, without having to climb the machine.

Two film feeders make it possible to use a 750 mm wide film. They are equipped with breaking sensor, which pauses the wrapping process when it detects that the film has run out.

The shield sensors interrupt the process of wrapping the bales when they detect an open shield, thus protecting the operator from the risk of injury.

Transport drawbar - It enables coupling the wrapper with the tractor with the transport hitch.


Product available upon request.

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OG 9750 LENA
Sizes of round bales

diameter mm 1200 - 1800
width mm ≤ 1500
Sizes of prismatic bales

width  mm 800 - 1200
height mm
1200 - 1600
length mm ≤ 2000
Maximum bale mass kg 1000
Width of the film mm 750
Drive of the wrapper   internal combustion engine
Maximum performance bales/h 120
Maximum number of wraps   6
Output of the hydraulic system l/min 30
Drive engine output kW (HP) 8,7 (11,83)
length mm 5700
width mm 2900
height mm 3300
Weight kg 2530
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