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SIPMA SR 1010 HEROS and SIPMA SR 2010 HEROS pull-type forage harvesters are designed for single phase harvesting of energy crops, mainly energy willow.

Cutting unit equipped with hydraulic drive of saws allows to reach high rotational speed of cutting blades, which improves cutting down the sprouts of energy crops, leaving the optimum rootstock for regrowth of plants. The arm bending the plants is adjustable from the tractor cabin and it enables proper orientatation the shoots with different heights into the pull-in unit.

The compressing and pull-in unit consists of 5 ribbed rollers. It enables to correctly place and feed the chopping rotor chamber with shoots of energy crops. Mechanical pressure and variable clearance between the rollers ensures optimum compression of cut shoots and reliable transportation of crops. Power take-off shafts that drive the pull-in rollers are equipped with safety couplings, which reduce excessive load on the machine. As the direction of rotation of pull-in rollers can be changed from the operator cab, any clogging can be removed from the machine without leaving the tractor.

Chopping rotor, which at the same time acts as a flywheel, is equipped with cutting blades. It produces large amount of kinetic energy to be able to handle sudden increases in loads. The peak loads are balanced and the rotational speed of the rotor remains constant, providing equal lengths of cut and significant reduction of energy demand. At the rim of the rotor there are blades mounted, which provide quick and effective feed of shredded material onto means of transport.  

Built-in blade sharpening system allows for easy-to-use and accurate sharpening of blades, providing even edges. During grinding, the rotor revolves with low speed and grinding wheel easily sharpens the blades, which quickly become sharp again.

The power transmission system of the forage harvester with a belt gearing enables adjustment of length of the cut shoots of energy crops ranging from 20 to 55 mm and reduces the risk of damage to the machine during the momentary overloads. The entire power transmission system of the forage harvester is protected against overload with friction coupling mounted on the main power take-off shaft.

Hydraulically controlled suspension of the machine allows you to adjust the height of crop cutting to the field conditions and provides proper clearance during transportation.


Trailed forage harvesters for energy crops SIPMA SR 2010 HEROS  

Discharge chute enables effective feeding of shredded material onto means of transport with the ability to set the direction and distance of crop chips discharge.

Hydraulically adjustable drawbar allows for correct setting of the machine and tractor in interrows, reducing the risk of damage to the rootstock and machine wheels to the minimum.

Hydraulic system - Owing to the use of the electro-hydraulic block that operates all working items of the machine, consistent and optimum machine functions are provided, including smooth acceleration and stopping of the cutting unit.

The on-board computer allows to control the functions of the machine from the operator's seat, without leaving the tractor.

Functions of the on-board computer:

  • activating the cutting unit,
  • activating the reverse of the pull-in and compression unit,
  • adjustment of the bending arm height,
  • control of the discharge chute,
  • adjustment of cutting height,
  • drawbar control.

Additional equipment:

  • extension of the discharge chute allows to deliver the shredded material for greater distances,
  • elevation of the discharge chute allows to load the shredded material on higher means of transport,
  • rear hitch allows you to couple the trailer to the harvester in order to load the shredded material when it is not possible to for the means of transport to go past the harvester.



Product available upon request.



Number of rows / row spacing pcs / m 1/0.75 2/0.75 x 0.75
Bulk discharge capacity t/h 15 25
Number of cutting blades pcs 2 2
Diameter of cutting blades mm 400 550
Cutting height mm 50 - 120 50 - 120
Maximum diameter of cut shoots mm 70 70
The height of cut shoots mm 9000 9000
Chopping unit
disc and axe disc and axe
Number of blades pcs 4 3
Cutting length mm 20 - 55 20 - 55
Max. height of discharge m 5 5
Max. distance of discharge m 10 10
Control system   electronic electronic
Wheel size   10.0/75-15.3 10 PR 10.0/75-15.3 10 PR
PTO rotational speed rpm 540 540
Maximum speed km/h 8 8
Power demand kW (HP) 80 (108,8) 100 (136)
   wide angle PTO shaft with friction coupling  
   extension of the discharge chute
   elevation of the discharge chute
   rear hitch
   length mm 5000 5000
   width mm 2650 2650
   height mm 2350 2350
   loading height mm 3880 3880
Weight kg 1500

 - standard,  - additional equipment,   - unavailable

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