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The  skimmer is a machine with a 2-row set of teeth discs and a splined, tabular, cage or a packer roller. It is intended for field work after harvest.

The durable load bearing structure of the skimmer is built on a rigid frame made of high-grade, thick-wall steel shapes.

Shock absorbers: all teeth discs are protected by shock absorbers made of rubber, which secure the disc against overloading of the mechanical unit.

Side curtains prevent a soil from pouring from one side to another during a cultivation.

Smoothen straw tines (additional equipment) are installed behind the machine.

Possibility of dismantling the corners discs enables the reduction of the working width also it reduces the power demand of the tractor.

The string packers ensure disintegration of the chunks generated by processing, level the field surface and improve the conditions of humus processes.

Skimmer SIPMA AT 300 DZIK


The hydraulic power pack (additional equipment) is a hydraulic coupling unit for the seeder. The kit, consisting of the cultivator, the hydraulic power pack and the seeder is designed to cultivate the soil before sowing and plant seeds in a single pass.

Model  AT 300 DZIK
Skimmer operating width m 3,0
Max operating depth mm 140
String packer width mm 3000
String packer diameter mm 500
Number of teeth discs pcs 24
Diameter of teeth discs mm 510
Maximum transport speed km/h 25
Power demand kW (HP) 74 (100)
protect rubber shock absorbers  
splined roller  
tabular roller  
cage roller  
packer roller  
sprocket discs  
side curtain  
straw tines  
hydraulic power pack  
lenght mm 2120
width mm 3300
height mm 1360
Weight kg 1370

  - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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