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Manure spreaders are used for spreading manure, peat and compost. They can also be used for transport of agricultural commodities. They are compatible with tractors equipped with a bottom “hitch” type latch and are fully adapted for transport on public roads.

General-purpose adapter allows for spreading of manure, peat or compost.

Two-drum vertical worm adapter with cutting blades ensures fine break-up, as well as long range spread and its uniformity.

HARDOX steel adapter blades ensure the structure’s durability and reliability in utilization.

Hydraulically-actuated flap closes the load platform and prevents the material from falling during transport.

Wooden strip protects the side walls from mechanical damage during loading operations.

Dual hydraulic floor conveyor provides step-less, variable adjustment of the amounts of spread material.

Rear cover of adapter (additional equipment) required during driving on the public roads.

Manure spreaders SIPMA RO 600 ZEFIR


Wheels guarantee small roll friction and base pressure, they allow for easier operation and transport in humid areas. Self-cleaning tire profile guarantees comfortable utilization of the spreader.

Overload clutch secures the drive unit in case of possible blockage.

Model RO 600 ZEFIR RO 800 ZEFIR
Nominal load t 6 8
Capacity   m3 7.9
Spreading width m 10 10
Dose of spread material kg/s 5 - 60 5 - 60
Number of spreading drums pcs. 2 2
Suspension    rigid  rigid
Size of wheels   18.4 - 34" 18.4 - 34"
Maximum speed km/h 25 25
Power demand kW (HP) 55 (75) 65 (88)
PTO shaft  
brake system 1-wire  
brake system 2-wires  
hydraulic rear flap  
hydraulic control of floor transporter  
lamps (electric installation)  
ladder and side wall steps  
wood slat sides  
rear cover of adapter *  
Total dimension

length mm
6800 6800
width mm
2760 2760
height  mm 2990
height of capacity mm 2640 2910
Weight kg 3900 4150

 - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

* - It’s required during public roads movement

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