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The coupling element (5279-260-500.00) used in fixed chambers round balers such as SIPMA PS 1211 FARMA PLUS, PS 1210 CLASSIC and PS 1221 FARMA PLUS, gives opportunity to connect round balers to the wrapper SIPMA OS 7531 MAJA. Thanks to that we achieve a bale wrapped in stretch film in a single pass, using only one tractor, thus saving time and money.

The coupling element is equipped with a camera for an operator comfort. The camera mounted on
a drawbar allows the operator to observe a wrapping and offloading process on a monitor in the tractor.

Hydraulic and electrical connections placed on the balers eliminate the need for additional wiring.

You can use coupling assembly 5279-260-500.00 even for older versions of SIPMA fixed chambers round balers.

Round baler with coupling device


We attach manual for the coupling to the set of assembly.


 Please have a look at the full range of SIPMA round balers.