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FASTER fixed chamber round balers are a new series of efficient and quick round balers. Thanks to automatic control of binding processes and the application of the innovative solutions of construction assemblies of the harvester and the scraper, great working speed has been obtained and the efficiency of harvesting has increased significantly.

Fixed chain chamber with the dimensions of 1.2  x 1.2 m in PS 1213 FASTER baler, guarantees optimal weight of bales for hay, straw and haylage, and firmly compacted surface layer provides resistance to soaking. Application of a reeling chain prevents stopping the bale in the chamber when harvesting dry and slick material.

Roll-chain structure of the baling chamber 1.2 x 1.2 m in PS 1223 FASTER enables obtaining increased crushing degree and creates better conditions for silage, at the same time preventing stopping the bale in the chamber when harvesting dry and slick material.

Covers of the balers made of laminate secure movable elements of the machine, giving it, at the same time, dynamic and modern look.

Grouped lubrication points of bearings limit service time, increase life span of bearings, influence increase in efficiency of harvesting and comfort of baler operation.

Central lubrication of chains limits the service time and increases life span of the drive elements.

Net binding device protects the bale against unwinding provides considerable shortening of wrapping time and increase in efficiency.

Electronic control with signalling device for filling the chamber provides work comfort by eliminating the need to observe mechanical indicators on the machine and ensures greater efficiency thanks to automatic control of bale binding processes.

Crushing shaft already at the harvester, initially compacts the material.

Torsional copying wheels of the harvester, with tyres, increase comfort of work at turnarounds and effectively maintain working height of the harvester in wet areas.

Mechanical baling chamber blockade relieves the hydraulics of the tractor, increases the crushing degree and provides a significant growth in efficiency of the set.

Movable tiller of the baler enables, to a large extent, aggregation of the balers with tractors with fasteners situated at various heights.

Fixed chamber baler SIPMA PS 1213 FASTER


Harvester with the width of 1.8 m with divided beams of harvesting fingers shifting with respect to each other ensures even feeding of material. Application of divided beams and two cams reduces load of the harvester, at the same time boosting its life span.

Broad tyres provide a possibility to work in waterlogged areas and peat bogs.

Use of anaphoretic ground coat provides a great resistance to corrosion, which guarantees durability of the machine.

Press clutch (additional equipment) enables connection of the baler with wrapping machine SIPMA OS 7531 MAJA, thanks to which in one passage we obtain a bale wrapped in foil, at the same time saving time and money.

Possibility of hydraulic lifting of the harvester when harvesting and at curves or crossings from field to field.

Running speed up to 12 km/h.

Maximum efficiency of the baler reaches the level of 45 - 55 bales/h.

Articulated-telescopic wide angle shaft by SIPMA provides operation of the machine without shutdown of the tractor’s WOM during turnaround.

An on-board computer is responsible for control and supervision over the run cycle of collection, wrapping and unloading of bales. It also monitors the correctness of operation of the machine mechanisms.

Functionalities of an on-board computer:

  • activation and run of an automatic cycle of bale wrapping,
  • defining the number of wraps of a bale with a net,
  • supervision and display of the status of sensors,
  • indication of the number of bales made, working time, efficiency.

The adjustable drawbar of the baler allows aggregating balers with tractors having hooks arranged at different heights.

Model   PS 1213 FASTER
  PS 1223 FASTER
Harvester width mm 1800 1800
Chamber type
chain roll-chain
Baling chamber dimensions

width mm 1200 1200
diameter mm 1200 1200
Chamber blockade
mechanical mechanical
Power demand kW (HP)
55 (75)
55 (75)
articulated-telescopic wide angle shaft
net binding device  
on-board computer  
automatic chain lubrication  
bearing group lubrication  
press clutch
wheels 400 / 60 - 15.5 (wide tyres)  
length mm 3300 3300
width mm 2400 2400
height mm 2100 2100
Weight kg 2200 2285

 - standard,  - additional equipment,  - unavailable

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